Online Education Program

Upcoming Online Lectures:

4/1:Dr. Lihong Bu: Medical kidney biopsy, part 2
4/8:Dr. Zenggang Pan: Hematopathology special topic: histiocytic and dendritic neoplasms
4/15: Dr. Changqing Ma (Univ. Pittsburgh): Upper GI non-neoplastic diseases
4/27: Dr. Ming Zhou (Univ. Texas): The future of Gleason grading; Diagnostic approach to papillary and flat urothelial lesions
5/6: Dr. Xiuli Liu (Univ. Florida): Histologic evaluation of Barrett’s esophagus and its neoplasia
5/13: Dr. Zhiyong Ren (Atlanticare Reginal Medical Center): Inflammatory bowel disease
5/20: Dr. Qing Zhao (Boston Medical Center): Colorectal neoplasms

The Chinese American Pathologists Association (CAPA) Online Education Subcommittee is officially launching an Online Education Program with systemic pathology lecture series for pathology residents, fellows, and practicing pathologists starting March 2017. The lectures will cover the basic and practical topics in surgical pathology, cytopathology, hematopathology, molecular pathology, and hopefully other clinical pathology sections. In addition to the regular lectures, we are planning to host special lectures to cover more in-depth and advanced topics in each organ system.

  • Meeting day and time: Saturday, 7:00-9:00pm, Eastern Time.
  • The online lectures will be free to CAPA regular and associate members. The meetings are open to members who have not paid dues and non-members at first come first serve basis when the attendees have not exceeded the limit. The current policy may change in the future.
  • Please register through the link below. After registration you will receive a meeting link, which you can use to attend all the meetings (same link every time, will notify if there is any change).

Upcoming meetings:

March 18: Dr. Max Kong: Testicle pathology
March 25: 1) Dr. Max Kong: Adrenal pathology; 2) Dr. Lihong Bu: Medical kidney pathology, part 1
April 1: Dr. Lihong Bu, Medical kidney pathology, part 2

CAPA Online Education Subcommittee:
Chair: Linsheng Zhang
Co-Chair: Zenggang Pan, Limin Yu
Members: Baojin Fu, Xiangtian (Max) Kong, Deyin Xing, Dehua Wang, Xiaoxian (Bill) Li, Zhiyong Ren, Chen Zhang, Hong Xiao, Zaibo Li, Yaxia Zhang, Jianying Zeng
Online Meetings Supporting Group: Xiaoqiong Wang, Rong (Sharon) Xia, Liwei Jia, Hong Jiang, Jirong Ma, Yan Hu, Zhiyan Fu

* The committee members, supporting group members, and speakers are all volunteers, and will not receive any type of compensation for their services. Their contributions to the online meetings are greatly appreciated!
** Disclaimer: CAPA is not involved in the preparing or screening of the lectures. The speakers take full responsibility for their talks, including the format and the contents.

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